Breathe new life into digital sources

The D2 DAC makes it possible to enjoy the highest level of sonic clarity and musicality from your existing digital sources. Simply connect the digital outputs of CD players, DVD/Blu-Ray players, computers, and wireless music servers to the D2 DAC. You will be surprised by the degree of sonic improvement that the D2 DAC can bring.

Enjoy 32-bit, jitter-free musical sound

At the heart of the D2 DAC is the ES9018 Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC that excels at reducing jitter and resolving lowermost signals. Additional jitter reduction stages effectively eliminate jitter so that, regardless of your digital sources, you will enjoy crystal-clear transients, extraordinary definition, and relaxed sound that communicate the emotional impact of music.

High-Resolution 24-bit/192 KHz USB

The D2's USB interface makes it possible for you to enjoy the highest level of sonic clarity and musicality from your computer. Gone are the unnatural, brittle characteristics of the previous generation USB interfaces. You will be pleasantly surprised by the lifelike realism of digital music.

High-performance made accessible

Anedio is committed to making the highest level of sonic performance accessible to audiophiles by using highly-efficient manufacturing technologies and by incorporating cost-reduction measures from the very beginning of the design process.

Price: was $1470.00 NOW $1249.00 USD